Kirsten Dunst engagement Ring
Kirsten Dunst engagement Ring

Kirsten Dunst engagement Ring

It’s official, Kirsten Dunst engagement Ring is shown. Fiancé RINGS is an important symbol for couples who are ready to continue their love story to a more serious level. Is a beautiful actress Kirsten Dunst who recently showed off her engagement ring to the public.

Kirsten Dunst engagement Ring, she showed it off, Duh!

Kirsten Dunst engagement Ring
Kirsten Dunst engagement Ring. Picture :

Attending Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, in front of the media crew, Kirsten showed off the engagement ring given by Jesse Plemons. A gold yellow ring with oval diamond details appears to be pinned on the ring finger of his left hand. Her appearance was even more beautiful with a white lace dress accented with ribbons.

On Monday, Kirsten Dunst came to support their favorite designs Tamar Ralph and Michael Russo, who showed off their brand collection Ralph & Russo in Paris. The Hollywood beauty in the white midi dress sat in the front row and did not try to hide the engagement ring with oval diamonds, wanting everyone to share the joy with her. Increased attention to the reporter’s hand adored Dunst and he, playing with them, began to pose, holding his left hand.

Quoting UsMagazine, Thursday (26/1/2017), with the appearance of the luxurious engagement ring, it is not impossible if the estimated price is quite high. A diamond expert named Michael O’Connor revealed that the price of the diamond stone in Kirsten Dunst’s engagement ring could reach $ 80 thousand or the equivalent of Rp1 billion.

Especially considering that the engagement ring belonging to the film star Bring It On is becoming a trend and is favored by celebrities.

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“Oval-shaped diamonds are favored by celebrities lately. The price of diamond stones can reach USD 80 thousand. Coupled with the golden yellow circle which is also a trend,” said O’Connor.

She’s getting married

Kirsten did look happier than before after officially getting engaged. Both of them also did not hesitate to show their intimacy in public. They were seen holding hands while attending the 2017 Golden Globe event in California, United States.

At the event next to Dunst sat another bride – American model Arizona Muse, whose ring finger also shone. The girls who had something to talk about, as they were both preparing for the wedding, began to carefully study each other’s jewelry. In addition, it seems that celebrities do not measure the size of diamonds on their rings. Simply, Kirsten Dunst engagement ring is as beautiful as she is.