How to get slime out of clothes
How to get slime out of clothes

How to get slime out of clothes

Are you looking for a way on how to get slimes out of clothes? No need to panic because this tips and tricks will help you. It’s easy to get slime at children’s toy stores, now thanks to Youtube, everyone can imitate the method of making slime easily with environmentally friendly slime ingredients without using borax to create a chewy slime element. However, behind the fun of slime toys, sometimes the slime sticks to the clothes and is difficult to remove.

Quick act on how to get slime out of clothes

  • Using Detergent

Friends, if your shirt / shirt is hit by a slime toy and it is difficult to take the slime, immediately change your shirt. And soak the t-shirt using detergent, considering that the slime toy has a soap element in it, so using laundry detergent / laundry soap is the right solution. You can try and prove it. This is highly recommended to try. Just leave it for a few minutes, then brush the shirt off the slime. As a result, the slime that sticks to the clothes is gone.

How to get slime out of clothes
  • Using Vinegar

Slime is made of glue; friends can use vinegar to soften the slime that has hardened on your clothes / t-shirts. Soak the shirt for a few minutes, and gently brush the slime, it will gradually disappear. Another tip, if the slime sticks to the carpet, this method can also be done, friends.

  • Using hot water

Slime toys also have a water element in them, so removing the slime that sticks to your clothes using water is of course very easy, but you have to use warm water so that the slime is softer and faster to fall off from your clothes/t-shirts. Pour warm water on the cloth then do a light rub on the part of the shirt that is affected by the slime. The slime will dissolve and disappear.

  • Using liquid alcohol
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Just pour the alcohol that you have bought at the pharmacy, pour on which part of the shirt is affected by the slime, then use a shaver / razor to get rid of the stubborn slime on your clothes. And little by little the slime will disappear.

Better be cautious than sorry

Always monitor yourself when playing slime, friends, so it doesn’t stick to your favorite clothes. Hope it is useful for you who are looking for ways on how to get slime out of clothes