Mother of Pearl Clothes
Mother of Pearl Clothes. Picture :

How The Sustainable Materials of Mother of Pearl Clothes Made Them Highly Reliable

Mother of Pearl clothes is popular for their sustainable fabrics. This is actually the mission that Amy Powney has aimed for years. As a creative director, she understands that sustainable fabrics will not make wearers comfortable. She knows that the earth needs human beings to cooperate well, by wearing environmentally-friendly products.

Mother of Pearl Clothes
Mother of Pearl Clothes. Picture :

Wool as The Main Fabric of Mother of Pearl Clothes

This product stands out for its comfortable woolly jumpers. Its loyal buyers claim that they are wearing the most comfortable fabric on earth! However, as the creative director has mentioned that she cares about the environment, particularly animal welfare, she has explained that all animal lovers should be happy that the wool was from ‘happy sheep’. It means the wool is mulesing-free, in which the wool is removed from the sheep by using natural way, instead of mulesing the wool without any pain killer.

Jumpsuit Rocks!

In this case, Mother of Pearl always uses pure wool, instead of synthetic ones from pesticides which endanger both plants and animals. One of the most popular latest outfits from this brand is the wool jumpsuit. It has pleat detail with a strong emphasis on the waist. The pleat falls above the ankle, with the wide cut on the legs. Made of pure organic cotton and organic wool, this jumpsuit is highly stylish with the front’s wide straps.

Comfortably Worn Knitwear

Another bestselling product of Mother of Pearl is its knitwear. Choices of knitwear are abundant in which buyers can opt for its well-knitted cardigans, joggers, and scarves. All those knitwear products use biodegradable wool that doesn’t require too much water for washing, and users don’t need to wash it frequently.

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All the products of Mother of Pearl stand out for their masculine design, yet still, emphasize the feminine detailing. This is why, everyone is proud of wearing all its products because each product has its distinguished look.

Unbeatable Rust Dress

Mother of Pearl has just launched its signature rust dress which becomes the trendsetter! Its Marlow Rust Dress stands out with its maroon color. The gold hammered poppers look gorgeous as the finishing for the puff sleeves, right below the elbow. Its length is mini and it has trainers as the wear back.