How to get wax out of clothes
How to get wax out of clothes

Home remedy on How to get wax out of clothes

The candlelight dinner is romantic, but it could be turning to a disaster at the candlelight that should be sitting at the table, splashing your favorite dress. Ugh, how annoying! But don’t worry, we got you covered. These easy tricks will save you.

How to get wax out of clothes

Wax marks are sometimes difficult to remove and can cause stubborn stains. Instead of thinking about dumping it, let’s try these suggestions to clean it up below:

How to get wax out of clothes
  • Banana peel

Rub the banana peel along the blemish. Rubbing the inside of the banana peel in a circle will loosen any traces of wax. However, this method will only work if the wax drops are still hot, so be quick if you want to use this trick.

  • Ironed

Place a sheet or two of kitchen tissue paper on the ironing board. Then, iron the area with the wax on it. You can see the wax stain will be printed on the kitchen paper. If you have blotting paper available, it is better to use that instead of paper towel. This method could be applied to broad wax stain. Avoid using paper towel on fleece material. The heat of the iron will help to melt the wax. Be careful when you do this, make sure your melted wax doesn’t spread.

  • Hairdryer

It is similar to using iron, we need the heat to melt the wax stain. Place blotting paper or paper towel on both side (inside and out). This method is preferred if there’s any wax stain on clothes that couldn’t be ironed.

  • Frozen
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Place the clothes in the freezer to freeze the stain. You can throw your clothes to a zip lock bag and let your freezer do the work. Once the stain hardens, grind it with a knife. Another way, you can rub ice cube along the stain to make it dry faster.

  • Vegetable oil

Small wax stains can be removed easily with the help of vegetable oil. Vegetable oil and candle are similar chemically, this character will help one to dissolve the other. Soak the stain in vegetable oil. Then scrub until the stain is gone.

Pay attention to the material

You need to take a look what could be and couldn’t be done to your clothes material. There are different methods you can adjust. Methods above could be applied to your table cloak as well. These are few methods on how to get wax out of clothes you could do.