American Psycho Facial Mask
American Psycho Facial Mask. picture :

American Psycho Facial Mask Routine – Patrick Bateman’s Inspiration Treatment

You probably have watched Patrick Bateman’s routine and then you have decided to follow his path – known as American Psycho facial mask routine. The movie is about a well groomed man, Patrick Bateman, and his attempts to look good and perfect. Although it isn’t advisable to follow his psychotic manner, it’s not a bad idea to follow his facial routine. There are some specific steps that you can follow.

First American Psycho Facial Mask Morning Routines

The first thing that you can do is to have the ice packs (which are good for the eyes). In the movie, Bateman would tie the ice pack plastic around his face while performing stretching exercises. After all, he was under sleeping, so he needs to reduce the puffiness and maintain fresh eyes. The ice packs are great for removing dark circles and eyes puffiness. They also feel nice once you have put them in the fridge overnight.

American Psycho Facial Mask. picture :

After the ice pack, use the (deep-pore) cleanser lotion. The ice pack would dry the skin out, especially for prolonged usage. That’s why is is always a good idea to moisturize. There are two options. The first one is the gentle facial (cleaning) milk that is just great for sensitive skin. It has organic botanicals ingredients. Put a small amount on your hands and then massage the face and neck with it. You can rinse with just a damp and clean cloth or wash your face.

Another option is to use a gel-based (foam) cleanser that works best for dry and oily skin. For this one, you need to wash your face. Both of them are good to remove skin build-up, dirt, and excess oil. They can also exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.

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Further Treatments

Further on the routine, is the herb (mint) facial masque. You can use the aloe vera, which is super trending today. Aloe vera is good for the skin, especially since it is rich in various healthy contents which are able to treat any kind of skin conditions and ailments. Not only it moisturizes and fight off bacteria (responsible for acne), but it is also great to recover from scratches, burns, and scars.

The next routine is to bathe with shower gel. Choose whatever shower gel that you like, but make sure that it doesn’t only smell good, but has beneficial trait to remove impurities and dirt. You can follow the routine by using shower scrub that will make your skin as smooth as the baby’s. It helps exfoliate the dead skin cells and remove any impurities.

So, those are the basic routines that you can imitate from the movies. After the initial American Psycho facial mask, you can try others that will make your skin feels fresh and soft.