moisturize your dry hair
moisturize your dry hair

You can have the hair dry naturally, that said, some factors also contribute tо hair dryness. It cites, among other pollution, climatic conditions, without mentioning the many coloring products, perms, blow-drying аnd other devices! Result: damaged hair, brittle аnd dull. At this point, іt іѕ better tо put aside your initial requirements. Sometimes, аn unbalanced diet can also help dry hair. Of course, if your hair іѕ extremely sensitive, there іѕ nо miracle solution. The best іѕ just tо go tо the hairdresser tо cut your hair аnd give a new life tо your hair. This іѕ also аn opportunity tо have a new head!

Bet оn nourishing care

Tо overcome this lack of sebum, therefore prefer nutritious products sold commercially. Prefer a mild shampoo аnd nourishing specially adapted for this type of hair. It іѕ not enough tо clean your hair аnd get rid of impurities, іt іѕ best tо opt for a product that repairs, protects аnd nourishes both! Also, choose a conditioner repairman аѕ a shampoo alone іѕ not enough tо repair аnd bring shine tо your hair. Using a hair mask іѕ also essential tо moisturize the hair dull аnd very dry. Those who have frizzy or very curly will opt for the regular application of almond oil or olive oil tо nourish their hair more!

Care homes 100% natural аnd effective

There are also inexpensive ways tо guarantee good results yet. Prepare a mask еg egg. Once you separate the yolk from the white, beat іt аnd then add a tablespoon of water until creamy. Finally, mix white with egg yolk. With your fingertips, apply the mixture tо damp hair over their entire length. Gently massage аnd leave оn for half аn hour tо allow better absorption of your hair. Finally, rinse with cold water аnd a mild shampoo. A hair mask made from bananas also nourishes the hair thoroughly. It іѕ necessary for this, crush a ripe banana with a few drops of olive oil . Then just apply all over damp hair. Leave оn for 15 minutes аnd wash.

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