winter clothes for women
winter clothes for women

Must have winter clothes for women

What are basic items of winter clothes for women? We The end of the year is approaching which means we will be entering winter in a matter of weeks. Even though in Indonesia winter is generally the rainy season, many Indonesian travelers spend their winter holidays visiting countries that are experiencing snowfall.

It’s a good idea to carefully prepare what winter equipment you have to bring so you can have a comfortable vacation.

Here is a list of recommended winter clothes you must bring with you during your vacation.

Winter clothes for women: The Essentials

  1. Long John

The first piece of equipment that you really need to prepare before winter holidays abroad is the long john, a type of stretchy and tight clothing that is shaped like a bathing or diving suit that is commonly used in winter. Long john is also often dubbed the second underwear to keep your body temperature warm. In general, a traveler wears underwear, then long john, then clothes with various layers.

  • Sweater

Sweaters are very commonly used in winter. Besides being easy to get, the price of sweaters is also considered cheaper than winter jackets or coats. You can use a sweater outside and indoors to keep your body from cold temperatures. But many travelers also take advantage of wool sweaters for additional heating when the temperature starts to get colder.

  • Jacket or coat

After using clothes with various layers, it’s time to complete with a jacket or coat. Because jackets are used on your outermost body, choose a jacket with warm materials such as goose down and other thick ones. Because winter is usually accompanied by snow, it’s a good idea to choose a waterproof jacket so that it doesn’t make the other clothes you use get wet and damp.

  • Scarves
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Not only accessories to sweeten your fashion style, a scarf is also important to keep your body, especially your neck, to stay warm and avoid colds. There are many types and styles of contemporary scarves that you can choose from. Starting from no motive to various motifs, it will support and match your clothes. Wool material is the best choice for the scarf you choose.

  • Hat or beanie

To protect your head, you can choose a hat or beanie with warm knit fabric. You can combine it according to your clothes to make it look stylish but make you also feel comfortable when doing outdoor activities. Quality materials and types that can cover up to the ears are highly recommended when you buy them.

  • Gloves

Hands are often the part of the body that feels the coldest when outdoors, so prepare gloves before you go on vacation. Apart from being thick, you can also choose gloves with leather that are light but waterproof and able to warm your hands from cold temperatures.

Stay Fashionable in the Winter

Don’t doubt to mix and match your clothes, you’ll feel warm and look fashionable as well. Those are the essentials of winter clothes for women.