As I navigate the world of parenting in 2016, I am always looking for resources on parenting teens. Internet, social media, texting, sharing everything and access to anything – so different from when I was a kid.

As a parent, it’s a little overwhelming! My own daughter is currently in the pre-pre-teen stage, but believe me, not a day goes by that I wonder how I am going to get through the crucial years between 14 and 18…well 30. How will I help instill her sense of girl power? She’s already well aware of topics I didn’t even think about at 8 years old.

So when I learned about, a new online publication dedicated especially to young girls, that focuses on positivity and authenticity, I knew it was a resource to put on my radar.

What is Metiza? Metiza is a “positive online community focused on inspiring and encouraging young women to be their best selves in all their unique, talented, silly and beautiful glory. Our purpose is to instill a sense of purpose, confidence, and love of authentic “self” into each and every person.” In this age of celebrity bombardment and unrealistic body image expectations, it is refreshing to learn of a company focusing on being your best self without changing anything about you. That is the message I wish to send my daughter and am excited to see a company championing this message.

The Content: Metiza offers a daily dose of real stories written by real people focusing on relationships, wellness, girl power, fashion, art and more. Contributors include Metiza community members and professionals dedicated to creating authentic relatable articles with a purpose. Recent topics include acne, yoga, mentorship, writing college applications and turning hobbies into a business.

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I recently had the honor of being interviewed on about my experience as a fashion marketer, blogger and mom. Thank you Metiza!!

Give Kindness: Sometimes it can feel like there is too much negativity in this world. Metiza’s #365Actsofkindness program is one of the things I am most excited about. They challenge readers to do something kind every day to promote “positivity, empathy and goodness to the world.”