How to Get Putty Out Of Clothes
How to Get Putty Out Of Clothes. Picture :

Let’s Find Out About How to Get Putty Out Of Clothes

Do you ever feel difficult in wash clothes because of putty stains? Moreover, you are the person who likes to wear good and clean clothes frequently. So, almost every day you must wash the clothes cleanly, right? If you want to find the solution of the problem above, let’s find out about how to get putty out of clothes. Check this article by read it carefully now, and apply the content because you need it.

How to get putty out of clothes?

These below are the step by step:

  1. Separate clothes with putty stains from others clothes

Separate the clothes with putty stain from other clothes, and collect it in one place. When you collect it, makes sure that all of it is truly putty stains clothes, I mean there are no other clothes in it.

  1. Soak it with hot water, then do first rinse

Soak the clothes in hot water for two hours, after that rinse it carefully.

  1. Soak it with baking soda, then do last rinse

Soak it with baking soda for three hours. Make sure you choose the good baking soda, so the result will perfect. After you soak the clothes, rinse it carefully.

  1. Soak it with clothes perfumer

Soak it with clothes perfumer for one hour. Make sure that you choose the strong clothes perfumer or fragrance, so it will replace the smell of baking soda perfectly. The last of this step is makes sure your clothes are in good fragrant before you dry it.

  1. Dry the clothes
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Dry the clothes with washing machine, so it is easier when you want to put it in the sun because the result is half of dry.

  1. Put it in the sun

The last step is put the clothes in the sun until the clothes are dry.


I suggest you to use these below baking soda brand in your washing process:

  • Koepoe Koepoe
  • Arm & Hammer
  • Davis Baking Powder
  • Bob’s Red Mill


There are six steps in how to get putty out of clothes, and all of those steps are simple and easy to be applied soon after you read this article. Those steps only related with soak, rinse, and dry, so it can do in your washing machine. Make sure you use baking soda that I suggested to you for best result because those brands are in good quality. Of course, something with good process will result something good also. Come on, move your body now! Let’s washes in your home!