How to get gas smell out of clothes
How to get gas smell out of clothes

How to get gas smell out of clothes quickly

How to get gas smell out of clothes when it has stubborn smell? Whether you’re planning a road trip or getting ready for a DIY outdoor project, the task ahead starts with checking and refilling your fuel tank frequently. The problem of bad odor from gasoline is faced not only by car owners, but also by housewives. Take one of these deodorizing methods to remove the gasoline and odor.

Steps on how to get smell out of clothes:

  • First, air dry it

The clothes don’t smell. In this case, you can try to ventilate without cleaning. Hang the product on a balcony (if this is not possible, use a room dryer). Open all windows or vents. If there is no wind, aim the fan at the product. Never use your dryer to dry your gas-stained gasoline because it would risk your dryer catching on fire. Line dry the clothing. It is best to hang things outside if possible. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your clothes – as soon as the bad smell evaporates, remove it from the balcony so as not to absorb any foreign odors that may come from the street. You may continue with another cleaning process.

How to get gas smell out of clothes
How to get gas smell out of clothes
  • Baking soda powder

Pour the required amount of baking soda onto the area that smells bad. Leave the product in this position for 24 hours. Get rid of the lye and put the clothes in the washing machine. Dishwashing liquid (or hand sanitizer paste) Pour warm water into a bowl. Dissolve 3 tablespoons of cleaning liquid in it. Soak the product for half an hour. Rinse thoroughly. Dry it with the air-dry method.

  • Laundry detergent (concentrated with a strong fragrance)
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Mix 2 tablespoons of powder and warm water. Wash items by hand. Dry in a room with open windows (for ventilation). Wash the clothing with a washing machine, or you can hand wash your clothes.

  • Lemon juice and vegetable oil

This an effective method. Prepare a small container. In a container, mix 2. parts lemon juice and 1 part. vegetable oil. Using a sponge or cotton ball, gently rub the resulting product onto the gasoline stain. Leave the product in this position for 3-4 hours. After that, clean the stain with warm running water.


There you have it, your guides for gasoline odor removal.  Be patient on following these steps and methods you can try on how to get gas smell out of clothes.