Flattering clothes for big stomach
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Flattering clothes for big stomach . Tricks on how to find flattering clothes on big stomach? We got you covered! Black clothes are indeed the most effective at providing a slimmer body silhouette, especially if we feel less confident about our uniqueness, such as large arms or thighs, and a distended stomach. But it’s not just black that can have a streamlining effect on this body. You can still wear some bright colors of clothes, but with certain cuts that make them more attractive and able to cover a bloated stomach. Come on, look at a series of outfit inspirations other than black to cover a bloated stomach!

Tricks on How to Style Flattering Clothes for Big Stomach

  • Jeans 101

A distended stomach is not an obstacle to wearing jeans. Instead of choosing a high-waist, it’s better to just choose the mid-rise type


At first glance, the shape of the jeans is the same. But if you are even more observant, it turns out that there are several types of jeans that are made according to your needs and follow your body shape. Like the mid-rise type which is specifically for those who have a body and a large stomach. The mid-rise itself is ideal to wear, as it can adjust the shape of the hips and hold a large lower abdomen.

  • Belt? Of course!

Belt. A powerful formula for those of you who are anti-complicated, but still want to look stylish even though your stomach is not flat

With a belt, you will shift the focus of people. Hehe, how come? Yes, when other people usually see your uneven stomach, they will have a different perception when your belt is attached there. Although it doesn’t disappear completely, this belting technique is very useful if you are tired and feel like you have a bloated stomach.

  • Simply culottes
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Not only adds to the impression of elegance, but wearing culottes can also make your steps much easier and lighter

As a young woman who doesn’t want to be said to be slow due to excess body weight, these culottes can be the right choice for you. No matter what kind of event, culottes can really support your appearance and disguise the shape of your stomach.

  • Corset

Don’t forget, mix these culottes with a top that is not so bright in color, so that your plan to make it look more ideal is achieved maximally. In addition to regular exercise and maintaining a diet, you can really use a corset occasionally.

Although they can help disguise a distended stomach and broad hips, corsets are not for everyday wear. To minimize the bad effects, it’s better if you use a corset as needed or just occasionally.

Here are the best tricks for wearing a corset:

  1. Choose a corset material that absorbs dryness, so it is protected from moisture and bacteria
  2. Choose a corset according to body shape. Learn the size for the best to wear on your occasion or going to certain events, invitations, or parties.

Be Confident

The last but not least: be confident with your body! It is YOURS anyway Hope it helps, Ladies! With these simple tricks on how to style flattering clothes on big stomach, you can still be confident while you maintain your diet.