Dark Souls 3 Fashion Souls
Dark Souls 3 Fashion Souls

Dark Souls 3 Fashion Souls; Which Ones That You Choose

Are you playing Dark Souls 3 Fashion Souls? Then you will need references about armor sets and outfits that you can choose for shooting. Some people consider that certain outfits are excellent, but others find them worse. 

Dark Souls 3 Fashion Souls
Dark Souls 3 Fashion Souls. Picture : Reddit.com

Dark Souls 3 Fashion Souls Armors That Suit Your Character Personality

Dark Souls is a game that many people find controversial. While there are other similar games, Dark Souls is highly popular. However, fanatic gamers love this game very much, which leads to high popularity. If you plan to choose the Souls collective armory, then keep on reading to find out the best one that suits your taste. 

  1. Armor Sets of Oscar and Faraam

The armor sets that Oscar of the Elite Knight wears remain as the most favorite ones. Many gamers love these armor sets, thanks to their excellent design. Another similar alternative is the Faraam armor. Its fur adds an opulent look. But, those who want to get inspired from the Dark Souls 3 can choose the hardcore and rustic design of the Firelink.

  • Armor Sets of Gwyn

There are several armor sets that gamers can also opt for. Other excellent alternatives are armor sets of Gwyn’s Four Knights. They are Ciaran, Ornstein, Gough, and Artorias. Among the four knights, the most popular one is the Artorias’. Yet, for those who want to use comical design, Smough armor set is still recommended. 

  • Successors Of Yurt Armor

Successors of Yurt have the recycled armor that is still worth recommending. The armor of Leonhard is still very much loved. 

  • The Armor Set of Havel
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Havel The Rock always appears with his armor, which is bulky yet still elegant. His performance in most of the games steals the attention of gamers who love excellent good posture design. 

Is There Any Bad Design? 

Some gamers consider that there are bad armors. One of them is the Onion Knight Armor that Siegmeyer usually wears. Many gamers find it awful, due to the rounded and folded design. Another kind of armor is the very few admirers is the Mastodon Set. The look of mammoths of the armor makes it awful. Yet, another armor that is considered the worst is the Nameless King’s. Everyone might agree because of its awful head style and the overall design from head to toe.

Of course, dark souls 3 fashion souls have various kinds of armor outfits that users might see in different ways. Whatever styles are, they might represent the characters’ personality that gamers might want to try.